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A 12v solar panel system is the most commonly used type of portable off-grid systems and is used to power electronic items and devices that are also 12v. Such a system requires a number of things, such as a solar charge controller, an inverter, a battery bank or individual batteries, and solar PV panels.

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Electrical elements are conceptual abstractions representing idealized electrical components, such as Electricity, Resistance, Capacitor, Diodes, LED, photo-diode, Rectifier, Zener-diode, SPST, SPDT, Relay, Transformer, inductors, Diac, Switches, Batteries, Breadboard, Mosfet, Logic-gate, AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, EX-OR, Series-Circuit, parallel-Circuit, Touch-switch, BJT, FET, LDR , VDR & Transistors etc.

electrical components, such as 3-Phase-Induction-Motor, Substation, AC-Motors, Auto-Transformers, CT-Instrument-Transformers, PT-Instrument-Transformers, Dc-motor, DC-Generator, ELCB, MCB, no-load-current-transformer, Power-Factor, Power-Transformer, synchronous-motor, Current-Transformer & PLC, etc
used in the analysis of electrical networks by Engineer Jony Islam ( #Jonyislam )

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