Solar Panel Installer Career in 2020 – Solar Panel Installer Jobs

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) installers, also known as PV installers, assemble, set up, and maintain rooftop or other systems that convert sunlight into energy.

PV installers typically do the following:
• Plan PV system configurations based on customer needs and site conditions
• Measure, cut, and assemble the support structure for solar PV panels
• Install solar modules, panels, and support structures according to building codes and standards
• Connect PV panels to the electrical system
• Apply weather sealant to equipment being installed
• Activate and test PV systems
• Perform routine PV system maintenance

At the jobsite, PV installers verify the measurements and design of the structure on which the PV system is being set up. For PV systems on flat roofs, PV installers must first add a structure that allows the PV system to be mounted at an angle. PV installers set up new systems on support structures and place PV panels or PV shingles on top of them. Once the panels are in place, they sometimes connect the panels to electrical components. After the system is in place, PV installers must test the system and its components.
PV installers use a variety of handtools and power tools, including drills, wrenches, saws, and screwdrivers, to set up PV panels and connect them to frames, wires, and support structures.
Depending on the job and state laws, PV installers may connect the solar panels to the electrical grid, although electricians sometimes do this task. Once the panels are set up, workers check the electrical systems for proper wiring, polarity, and grounding, and they also perform maintenance as needed.

-About 5% or 1 out of every 20 solar installers are self-employed.
-This is very close to the entrepreneurship rate of electricians.
-But certain occupations have far higher entrepreneurships rates.
-9%: plumbers
-20% roofers are self employed
-13% of wind turbine techs are self-employed.
-5% definitely isn’t bad.
-Most other occupations have far lower entreprenrshup rates.
-But definitely keep this in mind if you are interested in owning your own business in the future
-Next, lets compare the pay.

-The global solar market is absolutely blowing up.
-In the United States, the solar market is expected to grow by more than 15% from 2020-2025.
-It is predicted that the world will have 1 trillion watts of installed solar capacity by 2023.
-The result of this is the birth of a relatively new occupation.
-Solar panel installers assemble, install, and maintain solar photovoltaic systems,

In this video, Stephen Hack talks about Solar Panel Installer statistics nationally and across the United States. “How much does a Solar Panel Installer make?” and “How many jobs are there for Solar Panel Installer” are important questions for people trying to choose between different fields. Solar Panel Installers are well paid professionals that play a vital role in our society.

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