Solar Pool Heating – How to Use Your System From Florida Solar Design Group in Fort Myers, FL

Learn how to use your new solar pool heating system from Florida Solar Design Group! This guide called our “Solar 101,” is primarily intended for our clients, but may be valuable for anyone with a solar pool heater. We do it *better* and we do it *right*, so if you didn’t buy from us you may not have some of the same quality and features we show here.

In this video, you will learn how solar pool heating works, how to use your valves, about automation systems, how to maintain your system, what to do if there is a problem and seasonal shutdown considerations.

This video will be a great learning experience. We encourage you to watch it in its entirety. It will remain a valuable reference for you throughout the life of your system. If you forget how to work your system, refer back to this video. As always, we welcome our clients’ phone calls if you need help. Call (239) 491-8010.

To jump straight to a section of interest:

How Solar Pool Heating Works

Your Valves

Solar Controllers (Automation)

System Start Up

System Shut Down


Seasonal Residents

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