Solar Power (Off Grid Solar Battery)

Solar Power, off grid solar battery system, easy plug and play solar power for your off-grid location. If your a prepper, prepping to go off-grid, or just want emergency power for your home, look at the EcoFlow Eco System.

Roof mounted Solar Panel

UPDATE: Kickstarter campaign is over. For details about these new products, please visit for details and purchasing options. (Affiliate Link)

These are my top recommended products based on quality and price.

Affiliate Brand Links and Discount Codes:

My Medic First Aid Kits

Discount Code “PrepareToSurvive15”

EcoFlow Solar Generators

Outback Water Filtration

10% Discount Code – “OBRV”

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Bluetti Solar Generator

Reolink Security Cameras
Home Page
811A Page
823A Page

Auguson Farms Food

The Ready Store

Mira Safety Products (Gas Masks)

—- Recommended Products By Category

Water Prep

*Water Packets –
*5 Gallon Containers
55 Gallon Barrels
160-Gallon Tanks
*320 – Gallon (Two Tank) OR
*5 Year Water Treatment
Water Purification Tablets
*Sawyer Mini Water Purification –
*Outback Water 5 gal DISCOUNT CODE “OBRV”

Food Prep
*Best Single Ingredient Kit

Food Storage Supplies

*HarvestRight Freeze Dryer

Mylar Bags
PackFresh 7 Mil (NO Oxygen Absorbers) – Pint
100cc Oxygen Absorbers for Pint Bags –
PackFresh 7 Mil W/Oxygen Absorbers – Quart
PackFresh 7 Mil W/Oxygen Absorbers – 2 Quart
PackFresh 7 Mil W/Oxygen Absorbers – Gallon

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Accessories

Blueberry Poker (Pet Brush)
Vegetable Chopper, Peeler, Slicer, Juicer

Medical Prep
Budget Friendly Family Kit
*My Medic Kits – DISCOUNT CODE “PrepareToSurvive15”
Additional Bag –
Chest Seal –
Compression (Israeli) Wrap –
*Steel Instrument Kit
*Sutures Kit

Insect Repellent Packets
Lip Guard Packets
Medications Packet
Sun Screen Packets

Dental Prep
*Extraction Set –

*Solar Generator Systems
Emergency Rechargeable Light Bulbs

Personal Protective Equipment
*Mira CMRN Filters –
*3M Half face respirator –
3M Filters –

Prep Gear
Emergency Radio (budget friendly)
*Emergency Radio (Red Cross Recommended)
Budget Bugout Bag (empty)
Water Bladder
Folding saw
Dry Holder
Gorilla Glue
Glow Sticks
Food Bar
Multitool (Budget Friendly)
S&W Fixed Blade Knife
Para Cord –
Gorilla Tape –
Emergency Blanket 4 Pack
Monocular 16X52 (Budget Friendly)
17oz Stainless steel water bottle (2 Pack)
Power Bank Portable Power
Lux Pro Headlamp
Mosquito Netting –


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