Solar Power Tool Trailer Update

An update video to my Tool Trailer solar setup. A DIY system that has been working out great. With a little initiative I think most can setup a system like this to power their needs pretty easily. Listed below is the affiliate links to the parts I used for this system.

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Parts List.

AIMS 3,000 Watt Inverter/Charger

MPPT Charge Controler w/ bluetooth

Solder Butt Connector Kit

Battery Cut Off Switch.

ANL Fuse Holder!

80 Amp Fuse!

250 Amp Fuse!

ANL Fuse!

Battery Monitor with shunt!

Distribution Blocks!

Male Shore Power Inlet!

6 Rocker Panel Switch Assembly!

6 Gauge Wire Kit!

2-0 Wire Kit!


TEMco Lug Crimper

Klein Wire Stripper

Southwire Pliers


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