SOLAR PV ROOFING – Make Money from Your Roof

► Unisolar PV Panels (136 W)” – $216 each –
– Thin film, peel + stick, Solar PV panels: Easy and Quick installation.

– Learn how to design and install solar PV panel on residential and commercial buildings.

Roof – integrated Solar Flat Roof from IB Roofs

Building-integrated solar flat roofs are cool, green and have the lowest cost/watt to install, and virtually no maintenance cost. IB makes Lifetime residential flat roofing and now they together with Uni-solar have the only real BI-PV solar flat roof system for your home or business.
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Benefits of thin-film solar and Roof integrated IB Solar-Wise PV systems include better than average light capture in cloudy conditions, minimum roof penetrations, no shading from adjacent panels, and combined 30% federal tax credit for both the Solar and the roofing system. Your roof integrated solar array will be the most cost effective installation for any flat roof.

Solar Roofing Prices:

1) these and similar solar panels (such as UniSolar thin film solar panels) are installed over a PVC flat roof – use our roofing calculator ( ) to estimate the cost to install a new PVC flat roofing system, as well as roofing cost for other flat roof materials.

2) Solar Prices – the cost of your solar system will be very different depending on who you work with – in general, you should look @ about $7.50 per Watt, for a solar system of at least 3 KW size – use this solar calculator ( ) to estimate your solar system prices, as well as monthly payment if you finance your solar system – eg, get a home equity loan or a small mortgage.


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