Solar System for Home: On Grid Solar System vs. Off Grid Solar System | Luminous Solar

Solar System for Home: On Grid Solar System vs. Off Grid Solar System | Luminous Solar

The world is turning to solar energy – for sustainability and cost effectiveness. In this video, Luminous is talking about the two types of solar system for home – The On Grid solar System & Off Grid Solar System. Both these systems are similar and different in one key aspect, which is whether you want to save excess electricity generated and use it for running electronic appliances or you don’t want to use excess electricity. Other than that, basic components like the solar panels, the solar battery and the solar inverter are common in both these systems.

If you were faced with the question of which one is better – that is on-grid vs offgrid solar system, then how would you answer that?

The basic difference between the two is that On-Grid works with the Grid system, while Off-Grid works independently off it. In the On-Grid system, the solar panels convert the solar energy into DC current and the inverter converts the DC current into AC current to power your home or business Any excess current that the solar panels create is fed back into the grid as credit which can be later drawn back in based on the requirement. However, the On-Grid system does not work during power outages so while it is cost effective, it is best used in places where the power cuts are minimum.

So what about places where there is high power outages or there is no power supply at all?
This is where the Off-Grid solar system is effective. This type of Grid system works even when there is no supply from the mains or when the solar panels don’t generate electricity.

For more information on the various types of solar system for home, please visit our website: This video is a comparison between on grid solar system and off grid solar system. For more tips on purchase, installation and maintenance, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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