Solar Whiz: Installation Demo on a Metal Roof

Tony demonstrates how to install as Solar Whiz.

The Solar Whiz: Cools Your Home, Requires No Electricity, Saves Money, Reduces Carbon Emissions, Ventilates, Reduces Moisture, and Improves Overall Comfort.

Solar Ventilation Systems and Solar Attic Fans extract heat from your home using the energy from the sun… when you need it most!

The Solar Whiz does not use electricity, rather is solar powered, so will lower your energy costs and is powerful enough to be equivalent to 14 – 30 whirlybirds. Designed specifically for Australian roofs and conditions; It’s the smart way to stay cool during the hot Australian summer.

To find out more about the Solar Whiz:

Telephone: 1300 655 118

Or contact: to discuss your personal requirements. for dealership enquiries.


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