Sonnen Battery storage installation for solar panels – uk electrical installation. Smart energy pt2

We take look at the electrical installation for a Sonnen Battery storage system linked to solar panels.

Electrician Sam Featherstone has added this battery storage system to an existing solar installation, which we looked at in a previous video. We start with the Lewden consumer unit and how this is connected and then open up the Sonnen Battery to see what’s inside. We also discuss how the battery system can manage the energy storage for the house using solar energy, feed in tariff and off-peak electricity.

The combination of solar energy, battery storage and electric vehicles is one of the most exciting markets for electricians in the UK.

See the previous video discussing a solar panel installation upgrade using Solaredge technology

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Youtuber Gary Hayers of GSH electrical and electrician Sam Featherstone – Oval Electrical.
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