Subsidy on Solar panel in India 2020

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This video will guide on below points:

Save Electricity bill upto 90%
On grid price list
how to apply for solar subsidy?
What is net metering process?

What is space requirement for solar installation for 1kw to 5kw?

how may days it will take in installations?

Are you dealer or distributor and looking for business opportunity?

How much electricity bill we will save after installations?

you can save rs. 1000 per month for installation of 1kw on grid solar system

what is subsidy on on grid solar system?

what is price list of solar system?

Solar subsidy and price list is decided by MNRE (government of India)

Cost for Installation of 10KW and above is rs. 53,000/- per KW

on 5KW grid solar system, you pay rs. 3 lacs (It includes all cost)

Government offers 30% subsidy on total order value as per government price list. you will get subsidy usually in 90 days.

Who is eligible for solar subsidy?

If you are residential, non-profit organization then you are eligible for subsidy but if you install in industrial or commercial space then you are not eligible.

Soalare are two kinds

1. off grid solar system
2. on grid solar system

During blackout hours off grid solar system is more useful.

For saving of electricity bill on grid solar system is more profitable.

How to know reduction in electricity bill every month, it can be checked using net metering when you will install solar system at your home.

Usually it takes 30-60 days for installation of net meter.

It is diffcult to install if you are not aware about government process, you can follow electronics maker link.

If you want to install at home, hospital and in your factory then you can approach us for site visit so our engineer will recommend you product as per your need, he will evaluate your location and basis that he will suggest right product.


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