Tesla Drops Solar Panel Prices and Improves Efficiency with New Panels

Today, June 19, Tesla unveiled the lowest-ever cost to go solar in the US. Tesla cut the price of its solar panels and improved solar panel energy efficiency by 10 percent.

Now the average system size is one third cheaper than the industry average, and the company recently introduced the lowest price guarantee. If a client changes his mind after purchase or is dissatisfied with the system, Tesla will uninstall it and issue a full refund within seven days from the system turn on.

Tesla Solar Panels now have the following specs and prices:

4.08 kW solar panels will cost $10,000
8.16 kW solar panels will cost $16,000
12.24 kW solar panels will cost $23,500
16.32 kW solar panels will cost $30,000.

This price does not include Federal Incentives.

Tesla also offers a low-cost solar subscription for a fixed monthly fee in six states that customers can cancel at any time. This service was launched in the summer of 2019.

The company explains that new prices are made possible by a few simple improvements to an industry that has been around for decades. During this time, it became possible to simplify the order and installation of solar panels by moving to fixed sizes, which customers can quickly order in the Tesla online store. More than 80% of the company’s customers choose the standard size recommended on the website, and the move to a digital experience helped cut marketing costs by 64%.

Now the question: Will the savings in power costs make Tesla roofs cheaper than normal roofs?

Some people say yes, some people say no because solar panels while improving are not there yet.

Donald Knieriemen, a former Visiting Assistant Professor at Purdue University writes in Quora that is possible, depending on where you live. He says “remember to consider all the advantages, not just the immediate or near term savings. If I were shopping for a home, I could be swayed to choose a house that had solar energy, battery backup, whole house generator, EV charging facilities, etc.”

Regarding the approximate length of time from signing up with Tesla solar roof to generating power, it varies by the area. The current limitations slow down installing the solar roof in some areas. But if I speak ballpark, one person writes on Reddit saying “It took 6 weeks from the time I submitted my info on the website to install. Another 6 weeks to wait for my utility to spend 15 seconds to change my meter. 12 Weeks Total.” It’s a lot of time, but I myself may be considering it as it also adds the home value besides other things.

What do you think of Tesla’s new solar panel pricing and efficiency? Do you think they are now affordable?


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