Tesla Solar Roof First Bill SHOCKINGLY Expensive- Net Energy Metering 2 Explained

The roof generates way more electricity than I need or can use BUT the utility company is still charging for some of the energy that I generated!

This is Net Energy Metering 2 explained. This applies in the state of CA and replaces Net energy Metering 1 for all customers. Even if you don’t live in CA, many states follow CA’s lead on these types of programs so it is good to stay informed.

More about Net Energy Metering 1 vs Net Energy Metering 2:

The awesome drone for aerial footage: DJI Mavic Mini :
Excellent 4k Camera used as webcam for this video:

If any of my videos have helped you decide upon ordering a Tesla Solar Panel/Roof please use my referral code for $100 of your roof (or 1000 free supercharger miles for your new Tesla vehicle):


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