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LOS ANGELES — Tesla has unveiled a solar roof product that doesn’t distract from the aesthetics of a home, as they look just like ordinary tiles.

The company unveiled four types of solar tile during a launch event at the “Desperate Housewives” set at Universal Studios last Friday, TechCrunch reported.

Each Tesla roof tile is made up of a solar cell, quartz glass and a color louver film that makes it appear opaque from an angle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the tiles have 98 percent of the efficiency of traditional solar panels. However, the tiles have the potential to go above normal efficiency if improved coatings can trap light inside to reduce loss of energy.

Tesla sees the solar roofs working in tandem with its Powerwall battery unit to provide energy for homes and its electric vehicles.

The tiles will be available next year through SolarCity, a solar installation company chaired by Musk, which he is trying to merge with Tesla.

Musk didn’t reveal any specific prices but said the Tesla panels would cost less than the full cost of a roof, with the added benefit of being able to generate electricity.

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