Tesla Solar Roof Pressure Wash/Cleaning. DANGEROUS! DONT TRY THIS AT HOME

For entertainment purposes only.
Tesla advises solar owners they do not need to wash their solar roof and they should not get on the roof due to the slippery nature of the glass and metal roof. Wash/clean the roof if you choose at your own risk. DO NOT do this if you have a steep roof.

0:00 Preview / Introduction
0:41 Dirty Solar Roof / About Roof
2:30 Plan for washing the roof
3:17 Foam Soap / detergent
4:01 10x Speed washing roof
4:38 Pressure washer fall
5:35 Finish washing from ladder
05:50 Cleaned Roof vs Dirty Roof
07:10 10x Speed Roof Washing
08:58 Impact on Solar Generation
09:50 Amount of Water Used
10:05 Conclusion
10:30 Dangers
10:42 Worth it?
11:15 Outro
11:42 Drone Zoom out

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Water Monitoring System: Flume:
Stanley Electric Pressure Washer (the one that survived after falling off the roof):
Foam Cannon:
The awesome drone for aerial footage: DJI Mavic Mini :
Excellent 4k Camera used as webcam/handheld camera for this video:
Foam Soap:


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