Tesla Solar Roof Update: IT LOOKS BAD

UPDATE VIDEO (washing the roof):

Typically the roof is washed naturally when it rains but it hasn’t rained at all in southern CA for the past 3 months!

This is a rare occasion but now we can see how the roof ages and how a beautiful shiny roof made of metal and glass ages if never washed.

The energy generation did not appear to be affected by the dust but rather the hours of sunlight we are getting, still a great roof and paying for itself in energy costs!

Original Review with more aerial drone footage:

Cost breakdown of the solar roof vs a regular roof (plus solar panels):

The awesome drone for aerial footage: DJI Mavic Mini :
Excellent 4k Camera used as webcam for this video:

If any of my videos have helped you decide upon ordering a Tesla Solar Panel/Roof please use my referral code for $100 of your roof (or 1000 free supercharger miles for your new Tesla vehicle):


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