Tesla Solar Roof vs Regular Roof + Solar Panels Cost Comparison

I am able to provide an Apples to Apples cost comparison in my scenario for my house which required 2488 SQ Ft of new roofing plus repairs. All numbers are outlined in the video.

Introduction and drone footage: (0:00)
Pros and Cons from Dealing with Roofing Contract vs Tesla: (1:08)
Dollar Comparison Cost of Shingle Roof plus Solar Panels: (3:33)
Dollar Comparison Tesla Solar Roof Cost: (4:52)
Paying with PayPal/Credit Card and Tesla Payment Structure: (5:24)
Tesla Bonuses and Video of equipment arrangement (inverters, wiring etc): (6:15)
Better Value/How we plan to increase the value of solar: (7:01)
Conclusion: (8:25)
Ending/ Additional Drone Footage: (9:41)

As always, I reply to ALL comments, especially if you have any questions about solar, tesla vehicles, tesla stock or other related tech questions.

What do you think? Did Tesla achieve Elon Musk’s goal of a beautiful roof roof that is “alive” generating electricity that cost the same or less than a regular roof plus solar?

Previous Solar Roof video overview/install/initial review:

The awesome drone for aerial footage: DJI Mavic Mini :

Use my referral link for any future purchases you may have of Tesla Solar Roof or Tesla Vehicles:


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