Test & Review 120W Hood Solar Panel Lensun Solar Energy

I have had my Lensun Solar Panel from Lensun for about a year mounted on my FJ Cruiser Hood. This video will show you how I use my solar panel to keep my Group 31 X2 battery topped off with power while it keeps my ARB 47q Zero Fridge/Freezer powered inside my FJ Cruiser.

This test was a 3-day test, from Thursday morning till Sunday night. I wanted to see if my fridge would not drain down my battery and if my Lensun 120W solar panel on my FJ Cruiser hood would keep it going all weekend. The results were it worked! The Solar panel was able to provide enough solar energy to keep the battery full and keep my Fridge running all weekend.

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Here are the parts I used for this install:

-Lensun Hood Solar Panel 120W for FJ Cruiser:

– Vinyl Hood Decal:

– 3M VHB Double Sided Tape:

– Victron Solar Controller:

– Group 31 Battery:

-Group 31 Battery holder:

-ARB Zero 47q Fridge Freezer:

– DFG Off-Road Fridge Slide with Tilt:


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