The Truth About Tesla Solar Roof

Version 3 of Tesla’s Solar Roof is about to hit the market, but for the first time the solar glass shingles will be mass produced by the Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York. What new changes have been made since the first version of the Solar Roof?

Elon Musk first announced Solar Roof in 2016 – a strengthened glass roof with built-in solar panels that would last longer than the house it was sheltering. However due to challenges with cost, materials, and installation, the solar roof was never released to the public in mass, just in limited quantities.

V3 aims to improve on efficiency and installation time of the Solarglass Roof to make it competitive with a shingle-based roof plus solar retrofit. Tesla aims to begin producing the new Solarglass roof at 1000 units per week. Will Tesla be able to achieve this goal and bring solar energy to the wide public?


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