Upgraded: backyard solar panel pergola now with 1,000 watts

May 8, 2018 – Just completed the installation of two more 100w solar panels atop my backyard pergola. This array powers my bedroom 24v system (window AC, TV, soundbar, clock, and subwoofer). Last year was running 600w in solar panels…just not cutting it. So, I moved some panels around out back to construct a 1,000 watt array. The window air conditioner uses 600w when blowing cold air. So, with the additional 400w in panels…should run much better. Already have seen 850+ watts being harvested from my 1,000w array using my new Epever Tracer 40-amp MPPT solar charge controller with MT-50 meter. Battery temperature sensor and WIFI dongle on order. The batteries in this 24v bedroom solar generator system are Trojan 31AGM Overdrive Deep Cycle with 200 aH (about 2.5 kWh) of capacity. The 24v inverter is a 1,500w pure sine wave Go Power! unit with on/off switch. I use Blue Sea Systems meters and circuit breakers. Roll around cabinet has five casters, a lid, smoke detector, touch lamp and is lockable. Two surface mount blower fans cool the inside. Cabinet also sports terminal block fuses (on both POS and NEG battery terminals) and a 24v Battery Tender trickle charger (standard SAE connector wired in). I also installed a grounding lug and the whole fucken thing is attached to Earth ground via grounding rod. System runs 24/7 autonomously…rarely shut it down. Thanks for watching my video.

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