USAID Clean Power Asia Solar Rooftop Teaser – Vietnamese

USAID Clean Power Asia supports Lower Mekong countries and other ASEAN member states to increase investment in environmentally friendly, grid-connected renewable energy sources. Supporting more penetration of renewable energy by governments, the private sector, and even individuals has a multitude of benefits for Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries, including economic growth fueled by high-tech industries, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful fossil fuel impacts, and the cost savings realized by early RE adopters. USAID Clean Power Asia developed solar rooftop implementation guidelines and tools to encourage investment in solar PV rooftop systems, and we now are launching this motion graphic video to raise awareness of how businesses might benefit from a solar rooftop system. We hope this video encourages those considering solar energy to take a first step toward installation and raises awareness among consumers, investors, and others that will hopefully result in more solar panels on more rooftops.


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