Wasserstein Solar Panel for Arlo Pro – Arlo Pro Solar Panel Charger – Security Camera Solar Panel

Wasserstein Solar Panel:
Wasserstein Gutter Mount:

If you use Arlo security cameras then a solar panel charger can be very useful to keep your cameras up and running at all times. And this solar panel from Wasserstein was made with Arlo cameras in mind. The panel itself is made of light-weight plastic and is fully waterproof. It’s pretty generic looking on the front except for the “W” embossed at the bottom. And the only things included in the package is a wall mounting bracket with wall anchors and screws. But it’s all you’ll need to get started.

Connecting the solar panel to an Arlo camera is easy using the 6.5 foot micro USB cable that is permanently attached to the back. The mounting bracket is needed to hang this to a wall and it’s easy to slide on or off with the locking tab. The USB connection is waterproof so there’s no need to worry about using this in the rain. There’s enough silicon around the plug to keep water out.

Securing the mounting bracket is easy and once it’s in place the solar panel can be aligned in any direction to capture the best sunlight. But it does need to be attached using screws which isn’t always ideal depending on the mounting location.

So another option for this is using Wasserstein’s gutter mounting bracket. It also slides onto the back and can pan and tilt to get the best angle. Also the main connection plate can be flipped around depending on how this is attached. The mount just lays onto the gutter and has two screws to secure it in place. To me this is one of the most ideal ways to mount the solar charger because I don’t have to drill and I can place it on a high point on my house.

Using this mount I can also place the Wasserstein solar charger on my fence as well. But no matter where it is I know that my Arlo camera will be continually charged and never run out of power.

One of the disappointments about the solar panel is that I still can’t get activity zones to work, the Arlo camera still has to be connected to AC power to enable it. Another issue is that when the cable is plugged in, I can’t use the Wasserstein wall mount because the plug sticks out too far. And finally I find that the plastic can get scuffed up pretty easily. Even with those minor issues, the Wasserstein solar panel is a great alternative to the hassle of running a long extension cable to power an Arlo camera. It works for Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Go devices.

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