We Installed A Tesla Solar Roof In One Day: Weddle & Sons Roofing

In our latest Tesla Solar Roof Installation, we travelled to Loveland, Colorado to install this 30 square roof with a 12kW PV system. Tear off of the original roof and underlayment were done the prior week to facilitate the required mid-roof inspection. We’re proud of our team’s hard work and commitment to improving every day.

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Q. How many people were on your crew?
A. We had 8 installers on the roof and 3 ground support for this project. We also had some visitors onsite throughout the day observing

Q. How much did this cost?
A. We don’t share specific pricing out of respect for our clients’ privacy but you can get approximate pricing from our website.

Q. Why don’t you show the tear-off?
A. We completed tear-off prior to install with a different crew that specializes in tear-off and dry-in. The local jurisdiction requires a mid-roof inspection at that point, so we did this in separate phases so our install team would not be delayed.


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