What Do We Power With 500 Watts of RV Solar?

UPDATE Feb 2020 I’ve recently installed new Lion Energy Lithium batteries, added two more 100W Renogy solar panels and redid some of the wiring. Check these links for information on the upgrades:

In this video, I give a quick overview of our 500 watts RV solar power system. Then I go through all the things that we power off it from devices we plug into our 1000 watt Inverter to the 12 volt DC RV systems.

Catastrophic Fuse Install –

See my power draw tests on the Instant Pot –

Shop the Renogy Website Via the LYRV Affiliate Link –

Links to RV products mentioned in the video:

100-watt Renogy solar panels –
Intelipower PD9260 Converter –
Bogart/Trimetric System
Victron Battery Monitor –
Motomaster 1000W Inverter –
200 amp Blue Sea Cat Fuse –
Big Buddy Propane Heater –
3 Quart Instant Pot –
Egg Cooker –
Sirocco II Fan –
Fantastic Fan –
Titan Fans –
Winegard Wifi Booster –
weBoost Cell Booster –
Aquatank II 30 gallon –
Biddford Electric Throw –

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