What If We Covered the RAJASTHAN With Solar Panels ||थार रेगिस्तान को सोलर पेनल्स से क्यों नहीं ढकते

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Thar is the Biggest Desert in India, with soo much light what if We Covered the THAR With Solar Panels, why dont Cover the THAR With Solar Panels, What stops india from Covering the THAR With Solar Panels

Covering Thar desert is a great Idea, as it will convert the whole desert into a beautiful rain forest, I know this looks weird but its true, As we know most of the Parts of Thar desert is of light color sand that mean it reflects most of the light , But with solar panel installed the shadow and panel it self will observe a great amount of light , which will seeming increase the ground temp and this will tend to flow Cold Wind of Cloud From the Arabian Sea , And hence making the area a permanent spot for Forest and rain Solving our major problem of CO2 , And our Government under the permission of Narendra Modi Has already Given the project to same company who built up the Solar plant In Kerala or Tamil Maybe I don’t remember, with deadline for the Project in 2021, Also Covering the whole area of Thar desert is not economic therefore proper plan should be made and the soler plants should set up at proper distances to ensure the proper rain for in the whole area

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Thar possibilities
01:24 Scale of Thar Solar
07:11 Problems with Thar Solar
08:14 Dust and Sand
09:04 Climate Change
12:24 Practicality

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