Wheelstands vs Plaid! Nitrous Nova, Barracuda and Malibu! Six New Drag Races! (Plus Plaid vs Plaid!)

Video Index and Time Slip Summary… [New Plaid races every week! Subscribe to see more!]
PART TWO of December 1st, 2021: Showtime Dragstrip (1/8 mile). The Plaid is running on the stock Pirelli P Zero tires (19”), with the aerodynamic covers removed.

PART ONE of this night is here:

0:00 Intro
0:39 Versus Barracuda (Best 2 out of 3)
6:49 Versus ’79 Malibu Drag Car
11:08 Versus Nitrous Nova (Round 4)
17:23 Versus White Plaid
20:29 Versus White Plaid (Rematch)
22:59 Versus Nitrous Nova (EPIC Round 5)
31:04 Closing Comments

Race:#, ET, MPH, 60-ft, Reaction, Mode, Result
1: 6.09, 118.95, 1.47, 0.163, Launch Mode, W vs Barracuda (by 0.81)
2: 6.18, 118.76, 1.54, Pro Tree 0.238, Launch Mode, W vs Malibu (by 0.50)
3: 6.26, 118.98, 1.59, 0.109, Launch Mode, L vs Nitrous Nova (by 0.11)
4: 6.26, 117.83, 1.58, 0.138, Launch Mode, W vs White Plaid (he Red Lit)
5: 6.11, 119.36, 1.49, 0.039, Launch Mode, W vs White Plaid (by 0.30)
6: 6.16, 118.55, 1.51, 0.020, Launch Mode, L vs Nitrous Nova (by 0.05)

Started these six runs with 87% battery charge, ended with 76%. (Overall night was 11 runs from 96% to 76%)

Note: ET’s always exclude Reaction Times! The time from Green Light to the finish line is the total of RT + ET. ET is the time from actually crossing the Start Line to crossing the Finish Line, irrespective of the driver’s reaction to the light.

Thanks to Don (Nitrous Nova), Guy (Nitrous Barracuda), Nathan (White Plaid 19”) and all other drivers for these fun races!
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Special Thanks to partners @Solarshiftz and @Drag Racing and Car Stuff
for sharing trackside and grandstand footage!


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