Working of a Rooftop Hybrid Solar Power System

A hybrid solar power system is a combination of Grid connected system and off grid system. The working of the system is Explained below ;
1. During Sunshine hours, the loads are run by the solar energy generated.
2. In case the solar energy generated is more what is required by the loads, the excess energy charges the batteries. If there is still excess energy, the same can be exported to the power utility grid. However grid is mandatory for the export of energy. But for running the loads and for charging the batteries, grid is not required.
3. In case the solar energy generated is not sufficient to run the loads, the differential energy can be either drawn from the grid or the batteries (This is programmable). That is if grid is available, it can be drawn from grid or it can be drawn from the battery if grid is not available. Or it can be programmed to take 10% from battery and remaining from grid. Or in other words, This is a very versatile system and highly configurable.
3. In the non sunshine hours as well, it can be programmed to draw the energy either from the grid or the battery.
4. Say during the non sun-shine hours, if grid is not available, the entire energy is drawn from the Batteries.
5. As explained earlier, Excess energy can be traded with power utility company (Grid). At the end of the billing cycle, if You have given more energy to the grid, the utility company pays you at the prevailing tariff. If you have brought energy from the grid, the power utility company bills you at the prevailing tariff.

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