Zamp Solar Roof Mount Solar Kit Installation

115 Watt Rooftop Kit- KIT1003

170 Watt Rooftop Kit- KIT1005

680 Watt Rooftop Kit- KIT2014

1,020 Watt Rooftop Kit- KIT1014

Installing solar on your RV is a game changer. Once you have it you’ll start dreaming of the many places you can finally go and see that you could not before. Zamp Solar rooftop solar kits help recharge the battery daily. A charged battery keeps all your RV devices powered up and running. A charged battery is a happy battery and a happy battery makes happy humans!

RV devices like water pumps, lights, awnings, TV’s, radios, fans, etc. are all powered by the RV battery. With all those devices using power from the battery, it can be drained quickly and potentially leave you with a dark cave of an RV. You will either plan your trip around where to find electrical hook ups, or haul around a noisy, smelly generator (including the gas and oil for it, which takes a lot of space). A better option, you can choose to invest in one of the best American made solar panel kits from Zamp Solar.


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